I believe that health coaching is most effective when it is conducted in a well-structured format.

By following these four essential steps we can set you on the path for 


1. Identify what specific issues we want to address

Presumably, there is a reason you are interested in contacting a health coach, but it is important to clearly define the issues that will be addressed. We must know what to measure before we know if we have been successful

2. Provide you with the most up to date, scientifically backed data related to health and wellness (HRD)

With the large number and vast diversity of sources for HRD constantly available, it is important to filter out much of the noise and focus on what is proven and most recent.

3. Assist you in selecting measurable goals and designing a plan of action to reach these goals

This stage serves as the road map for our relationship, which will include what we go over in sessions and what your homework will be in between meetings.

4. Help you to implement your action plan and support you in maintaining a high level of self-accountability

I believe this is the most important step and where I should be most valuable. Many people can do a decent enough job getting through the first three steps on their own, but implementation and maintenance are real stumbling blocks for most. They either don’t know how to start toward their goal or tend to give up once they miss it. I am here to help you meet your goal, and in the alternative, to assist you in analyzing why you missed it, and how to maximize your chances of success on your next attempt.

Ready to start down your path to change?